Muhammad Abdulmumin
LL.B- (Common and Islamic Law) University of Ilorin
B.L- Nigerian Law School
LL.M- (University of Ilorin)
Litigation, Arbitration (Dispute Resolution)
Corporate Legal Advisory & Support
Real Estate, Infrastructure and Construction

Muhammed is a Senior Associate with over 8 years experience in high value and complex commercial litigation and arbitration. He regularly advises diverse portfolio of clients actiong in various sectors on a variety of aspects of legal and commercial issues.

He pursues and defends claims and petitions at the courts of first instance and resulting appeals up to the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He routinely represents both Nigerian and foreign based companies and conglomerates on various disputes in the corporate and commercial realm.

 He is a vital member of a team involved in Arbitrations & Litigations in numerous concluded and on-going matters on behalf of leading private, national multi-national and state-owned companies, corporations, institutions and other high net worth individuals.

Recently, he was part of a team of lawyers that successfully concluded an oil spill claim against a major international oil company and obtained judgement running into several billions in Naira. He frequently advises various local and foreign based businesses involved in various critical ground-breaking corporate and commercial transactions and projects. he is part of team of lawyers currently advising a client involved in the execution of a commercial and industrial projects worth over One Hundred and Seventy Billion United States Dollars.

Muhammed has extensive knowledge and expertise in various aspects of Islamic banking, Financial and Commercial Law and practice as well as Islamic personal law. Muhammed reularly advices, research and provide legal support in these specialised areas. He is renown for providing the innovatiove legal solution to clients in an efficient, effective and timely manner.

As an undergraduate, Muhammed won several awards including the Academic Merit Award as a University Scholr for the 2008 to 2013 academic sessions for being the student with the Highest-Grade Point Average in his class. He was the best advocate at several moot and mock trial and other competitions he participated in. He also won several awards for meritoriuos services in the positions he held in different professional associations and organisations. He was the best graduating arts student in his high school graduating class of 2007.

  • An Analysis Of The Legal Status Of The Patient’s Right Of Objection To Medical And Surgical Treatments In Nigeria (Unpublished LLM Thesis)
  • The Doctrine Of Margin Of Appreciation, Definitions And Interpretations
  • Patient Autonomy: Juxtaposing the Predominant Bioethical Principles with the Islamic Law Model
  • Nigerian Bar Association