Dr. Kubi Udofia

Ph. D – University of Nottingham
CIRM – Institute of Risk Management, London
LL.M – University College London, University of London
B.L. – Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus
Dispute Resolution
Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency
Corporate Governance, Compliance and Risk Management
Corporate and Commercial

Dr Udofia is a seasoned dispute resolution and transactional lawyer. He has an extensive commercial and corporate law practice and regularly provides a wide range of contentious and non-contentious legal services in relation to company law, banking and financial services, insolvency, capital market, energy and natural resources.

Dr Udofia is a leading and an acknowledged expert in corporate insolvency and restructuring law in Nigeria. As a scholar practitioner, he previously taught insolvency and company law at The University of Nottingham and was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London.

Dr Udofia is the convenor of Insolvency Discourse, a roundtable focused on the development of corporate rescue and insolvency law and practice in Nigeria. 

Dr Udofia is a regular contributor to some leading dailies in Nigeria including Thisday, The Guardian and Businessday.

His column “Insolvency Discourse” in The Lawyer, a pull-out in Thisday Newspaper (in Nigeria), is widely acknowledged as the leading corporate insolvency newspaper column in Nigeria. Dr Udofia has been invited to feature his research works on some of the world’s leading corporate law blogs including Harvard Law School Bankruptcy Round-table and Oxford Business Law Blog. 

  • Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)
  • Capital Market Solicitors Association (CMSA)
  • Business Recovery and Insolvency Association of Nigeria (BRIPAN)
  • International. International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals (INSOL)
  • INSOL Academic Forum
  • Institute of Risk Management, London
  • Advised Quits Hospitality Ltd on two Hotel Management Agreements with Hilton Worldwide valued at over US$300m.
  • Advised an international Confectionary Company on a multi-million dollar restructuring and squeeze-out of minorities from its Nigerian subsidiary.
  • Advised a US-based subsidiary of Koch Group on derivatives-related transactions in Nigeria.
  • Advised and represented Suntrust Oil Limited on the recovery of a US$54 million debt from an Irish-based oil company with assets in Nigeria.
  • Represented the defunct Diamond Bank Plc on its N500 million debt recovery suit against Dajcom Ltd.
  • Advised a LADOL FZE on a multi-million dollar service agreement with a leading multi-national oil and gas Firm.
  • Part of the team which advised CEC Africa Investment Limited on its shareholder dispute with Xerxes Global Investment Limited in relation to the Abuja Distribution Company Ltd.
  • Advised LADOL FZE on a multi-million dollar service contract with a leading indigenous oil and gas Firm.
  • Advised Union Bank Plc on the restructuring of its balance sheet via capital reduction.
  • Advised Avanti Satellite Communications Services Nigeria Limited on a debt restructuring transaction involving its American-based Parent Company and other subsidiaries valued at approximately US$685m.
  • Advised a Nigerian-based oil and gas logistics Firm on the restructuring of its N6 billion debt to a leading Nigerian-based commercial Bank.
  • Part of the team which represented Lekoil Ltd in a dispute regarding the transfer of oil and gas assets
  • Represented Heritage Oil and Gas Ltd in several disputes relating to its shareholders’ Agreement.
  • Part of the team which represented Neconde Energy Ltd at arbitral proceedings at the London Court of International Arbitration against a major multi-national oil and gas Company.
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